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Easybrew: The final word

Apologies to all for there being no posts in a while. This will be the last post regarding Easybrew that I will make for the foreseeable future.

See these posts for background on the Easybrew saga:

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Easybrew.co.uk – Developments & Advice

Various commentors have noticed over the last few days/weeks that the Easybrew online shop is “down for maintenance”. Whether it ever reappears from this maintenance remains to be seen, although they do still appear to have been having problems fulfilling orders recently.

My advice would be to not attempt to shop with them if/when they reappear on the net. Also note that the Easybrew company set up a new website at http://www.homebrewingandwinemaking.co.uk/ so avoid this one as well.

I hope everyone that has outstanding orders/money owed gets there problem resolved. If the company has gone bust then you may need to register with the administrators as a creditor to get anything back.

My recommendation for a good homebrew shop online would be Hop & Grape. In my experience they have delivered goods very quickly and have let me know promptly if any item is out of stock (only happened once!)

I hope to post more actual homebrewing information/stories here as of now, and would welcome comments/questions from anyone.



EDIT 6th MAy 2009: Thanks to this comment from DD for alerting me to the fact that Annette Ferre (Easybrew proprietor) has been declared bankrupt. See this excerpt from the London Gazette (see here [PDF] for the actual notice, right-hand column, second from bottom).


Happy New Year!
January 6, 2009, 12:05 pm
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A belated Happy New Year to everyone out there in home brew land!


November 8, 2008, 10:11 am
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Hi everyone,

As always, I’m sorry to hear of the various problems people are having with Easybrew.co.uk. I’m glad that people are finding this site and getting (and giving) advice from myself and the other commentors. However, there have been a few posts/comments over the last few weeks that I have had to remove due to the potential legal implications of their content.

Please, don’t post details regarding the Easybrew owner’s home address or telephone number. While I appreciate that this information is fairly easily available online, I don’t want some crackpot with a grudge doing something stupid and siting me as a source of the information! Keep your actions against Easybrew in the proper legal channels (Citizens Advice, Trading Standards, Police, etc.)

Above all, let us know of any success stories in getting goods or refunds. It would be nice to have some positive news around here for a change!



Easybrew.co.uk – Developments & Advice
October 10, 2008, 9:25 am
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Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks for all your comments about issues/problems you have been having with Easybrew. I think my site is starting to appear in search results alongside the actual easybrew.co.uk site, so I am seeing a lot of traffic at the moment!

As you may have read in my posts last year and early this year regarding Easybrew, I placed an order about 15 months ago and only received half of it. About 6 months later I was given a refund for the rest of the order. I was satisfied with this outcome.

I am now getting about 10 comments a day (See here and here) about easybrew through this blog, as well as 4 or 5 private emails a week from people with orders that are “missing in action”, or who have been promised refunds that have never materialised. See the advice below as to what to do.

If you have placed an order which you haven’t received, or are wanting a refund and not getting any joy from Easybrew over the phone/email you should send a request to them in writing (registered/recorded post) for a refund of the money owed to you (Keep a copy for yourself). In this letter set a date/time by which you expect to have heard from them (say 10 – 14 working days). This should get things moving.

Good luck to you all, and let me know how you get on!




It’s been a while…

Apologies for the lack of updates around these parts. I’ve been extremely busy with non-brewing related matters.

I have had time to brew (and drink, yay!) 2 batches of beer in the interim. The first was a very simple light bitter using 1lb of light DME, a handful of hops and a gallon of water to make a refreshing brew. The 2nd was virtually identical, with the addition of a handful of crystal malt to add a little more body and flavour. I’m in the process of trying to find my “standard” brew.

With regard to all the messages about Easybrew that I get: People with order problems need to contact Annette Ferre directly on her personal email address, annette.ferre@btopenworld.com

Cheers 😉

Brew #8: Randomizer has been drunk
August 5, 2008, 8:52 am
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As the title says, Randomizer has now all been finished and it was pretty good: Dark and reasonably strong. I have learned a valuable lesson here though: Let my bottles condition longer! The last couple of bottles of this batch were significantly nicer.smoother/tastier than the earlier ones.

So onto the next beer(s)…


Brew #8: Randomizer

I got round to brewing last Sunday using my new 1 gallon glass demi-john. I only had a few mixed ingredients left so I threw them together, hoping it would come out OK. I’m not sure exactly what style this would be…

Recipe (makes 1 imperial gallon):

  • ~10oz light dry malt extract
  • 8oz British Crystal malt (steeped)
  • 0.5oz Chocolate malt
  • 10grams Fuggles hops (30mins)
  • 5grams Fuggles hops (5 mins)

Grain was steeped as the water was heated, then removed as boiling point approached. DME was then added and boiling begins. Hops were added at the time intervals mentioned (total boil time was 60 mins).

The wort was then cooled to about 30 degrees C, and then poured into the glass demi-john. When it was cool enough (~ 20 deg. C) the yeast was added (Windsor dry). I had a blow-off hose on the fermenter at first as the activity was vigorous for the first 24 hours or so. I have now replaced this with a standard airlock. Check out the photos of the fermentation action below.

1 gallon fermenter (glass demi-john)

Now a close up of the lovely, yeasty bubbles…

Yeasty bubbles

I’ll bottle this at the weekend. Now, I must order some more ingredients.

Cheers 😉